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In March 2020 TRA persuaded The Club to introduce 1000 reduced price 'Youth' Season Tickets into the Stretford End for use by our members aged 16-25. 

These have now all been allocated.

  • What are TRA are trying to achieve?
    We want to return the once famous atmosphere to Old Trafford and reclaim our title as the loudest fans in England. We believe that the only way to achieve this is to introduce a culture of loud, hostile support who are able to stand and sing together with their friends and like-minded Reds. In effect we would like to create an 'away fan' culture inside Old Trafford so that Reds can watch Utd next to their mates home one week, and away the next. We want this culture to be long lasting and available for future generations for many years to come. We are entirely independent from the club and all other supporters groups, trusts, fanzines and commercial organisations. To achieve our aims we make ourselves available to meet or talk with all key stakeholder groups and individuals who express a genuine interest in helping us improve the atmosphere. Our mantra is simple: Put your phone away, stand with your mates and sing for 90 minutes.
  • What's the history of TRA?
    TRA has fought and won many battles with the club and continues to do so not just on behalf of the membership but the entire stadium. The aim is to future proof what we’ve built as we hand over to a younger generation of Reds in what we hope will become a self-sustaining, hostile atmosphere. Just some of TRA’s wins (among the hundreds of rejected requests by the club) are: - Drastically improving the atmosphere inside Old Trafford - Allowing groups of mates to stand together like they could years ago - Persuading the Club to allow standing for 90 minutes - Introducing cheap Youth Season Tickets (£15/match) - Slashing beer prices (stadium-wide) by introducing £3 pints - Reestablishing a genuine connection between fans and players - Subsidised local sports teams and donated to local charities - Created a community of passionate Legacy supporters inside the ground Throughout our existence, we have remained entirely independent from MUFC and are entirely self funded and managed.
  • What about Safe Standing?
    TRA have not been involved in any discussions or plans surrounding rail seating inside Old Trafford although we understand that the possibility is being discussed of it being installed in the corner of SERS, similar to how it has been used in J-Stand. In our opinion this solution could result in overcrowding as many people would likely migrate over to the rail seating section from other areas of SERS where the existing seats remain. So why are the Club only prepared to consider a limited area of rail seating in the corner of SERS? This is down to the guidelines within the Green Guide, a document used by all Clubs to ensure that they adhere to the rules & regulations surrounding ground safety and compliance. The Green Guide stipulates that any areas of rail seating must not interfere with the sightlines of an adjacent block of seated fans. In other words, if the rail seating was extended any further round than the corner blocks, the sightlines of those seated in the Exec seats (W205) would be impaired as they might not have a clear view of the pitch close to the corner flag.
  • How is TRA funded?
    The TRA membership fee remains £5 for over 18s and free for u18s. How that money is utilised depends on membership numbers as always; surplus funds will be divided up between local good causes, TRA events and initiatives to improve the atmosphere. We will provide more information on this throughout the season. All donations are very welcome and will contribute to the on-going work of TRA. Donations can be made via:
  • Where do TRA stand on the Glazers?
    TRA was formed in 2017 to try and improve the atmosphere inside OT and although we are all firmly against the Glazers’ ownership of the Club, continuing to improve the atmosphere remains the sole objective for those of us who run TRA. It’s important to understand that we aren’t in a position to claim that we represent the opinions of all our members and If anyone wants to protest against the Glazers then they are entirely within their rights to do so and this has always been the case. As has been demonstrated over the past few seasons and particularly of late, many of you have shown how you feel about the Glazers’ ownership of our Club & TRA have been by far the most vocal area within the ground during protests. This reiterates what we’ve always said - we have never been told by the Club what we can or cannot sing and protests, providing they are held within the ground regulations, are perfectly acceptable. In other words, if you want to protest peacefully and legally then there is nothing to prevent you doing so from within TRA. To summarise, those of us who run TRA are fully against the Glazer’s ownership of Utd and we have never met a single TRA member who felt differently. Because of their logo, many assumed that the 1958 group was run by us. We are not part of the 1958 but many of us have attended the protest marches that they organised. We have offered to help with their planning & ideas and will continue to support any group that is able to demonstrate a realistic, workable strategy that will result in the Glazers leaving the Club. We recommend that you direct all questions or ideas relating to the Glazers towards the 1958 group
  • Do TRA get priority for Away Tickets?
    No, there is absolutely no truth in this rumour whatsoever. TRA have never approached The Club about receiving any type of priority for away tickets, we firmly believe that away ticket allocation should be handled by The Club and that the process should be done fairly and with no bias towards TRA or any other group or individual.
  • TRA Groups
    TRA members are able to watch the match alongside their mates, we manage this through the use of Groups. To create a Group a TRA member simply uses our online system to bring together their friends into a single Group. When a Group is successful in a TRA ballot, all members of the Group will be seated together. <link to video>
  • How do I add or remove a person to/from my Group
    When creating you Group, please keep the following in mind: Everyone in the Group should know each other personally. When you create a Group, you will automatically become the Group Leader and as such, you will be responsible for the actions of all other Group members and for contacting TRA on their behalf. You can do this by using the messaging on the TRA App.
  • Does having a big Group help in the Ballot?
    No. The size of your group has no weight or influence in the ballot. Therefore there is no requirement to build large groups for the sake of having a large group where you don’t necessarily know its members.
  • Does having a high application rate help in the Ballot?
    No. Having a high application rate does not increase your chances of getting into SERS. Therefore you must only apply to the games that you can attend and ensure not to apply for the sake of applying as this is counter productive to your application.
  • Why are TRA Ballots opening earlier this season?
    In order for the Club to allow us to to us the full allocation of 3800 in SERS, we are required to open up Match Ballots further in advance than previous seasons.
  • TRA Youth Season Tickets?
    TRA negotiated with The Club to provide 1000 'Youth' Season Tickets at a heavily discounted price, these are available to TRA members who are aged between 16 and 25, as of 1st August. How do I get one? If you would like to apply for a TRA Youth ST, you will need to contact the MUFC Ticket Office and request one from them. All TRA Youth season tickets have been sold for 2022/23 Season. Will I still need to apply in the TRA ballot each game? Yes, otherwise your seat will not be placed in SERS (TRA) What happens when I turn 26? You revert to a normal price ST somewhere in the stadium. The club will arrange this for you
  • Who can apply for TRA match tickets?
    Only TRA members can apply for TRA tickets. You must have a valid match ticket (Season Ticket or MUFC Membership) Club Members can also apply but their application for a TRA ticket is dependent on the Club issuing them a match ticket in the Club ballot. If a Club Member is successful in both ballots, they will be issued a ticket for a TRA section.
  • Can I sell or pass-on my TRA ticket?
    No, sorry. TRA OPERATE A STRICTLY NO PASS-ON POLICY. Anyone who is found to pass-on or sell a TRA ticket will be banned from TRA indefinitely Please read the FAQ which explains what to do if you cannot attend a match in TRA
  • How do I apply for a TRA match ticket?
    TRA registered members apply for our sections on a match-by-match basis by using the TRA mobile app. A random ballot is performed and The Club issue a digital ticket to all successful applicants and re-sell their original ST for that game. - When TRA are taking applications for a match, all TRA members will be notified on the TRA App - Apply for the game when notified - The TRA app will advise whether you have been successful once the TRA Ballot has been performed - Tickets are issued by The Club, not TRA EVERY GROUP MEMBER MUST APPLY INDIVIDUALLY, THERE ARE NO 'GROUP APPLICATIONS' IN TRA
  • When do Ballot results get announced?
    Ballots are usually performed within 7 days of the application closure date. Everyone who applied for a ticket will receive a message on the TRA App informing them of their success or failure in the Ballot as soon as the Ballot has been performed.
  • What if I can't attend a match I have applied for?
    If you are unable to attend a match you have already applied for: If the TRA ballot has not yet been completed, simply remove yourself from the ballot by clicking 'Unapply' against the match on the TRA App. If you have been successful in the ballot: Contact the MUFC ticket office and your ticket will be moved out of TRA to another area of the stadium. You will be able to contact the MUFC ticket office to remove your ticket from TRA up to the day prior to the match. TRA OPERATE A STRICTLY NO PASS-ON POLICY. Anyone who is found to pass-on or sell a TRA ticket will be banned from TRA indefinitely
  • I forgot to apply for a match, is it possible to add me in the ballot?
    Unfortunately not, once the Ballot closes we can no longer add anyone to it.
  • How do I receive my TRA match ticket?
    If successful in the TRA ballot, the Club will send you your TRA ticket via email. You will usually receive it the week of the game. TRA are not responsible for issuing tickets, please contact the MUFC Ticket office for all ticket related enquiries.
  • Is there a 2nd Ballot for returns?
    Yes, any returns from the 1st TRA Ballot will be offered to random unsuccessful applicants from the first Ballot (the reserve list). The Club handle this stage of the process, not TRA and unsuccessful members may be offered a ticket in TRA by the Club up until the day prior to the match. Please contact the MUFC Ticket Office for all ticket related questions
  • How do I join TRA?
    Only Season Ticket holders and Official Club Members are able to join TRA and to apply for tickets in TRA. This is because The Club will remove any non-ST Holders / Members from Ballots and not issue tickets to them. You can become a member by registering through our mobile app: apple users android Anyone who has purchased a TRA membership since 1st May will be able to use this membership for the following season.
  • How do I contact TRA?
    If you need help, have a question or a suggestion, you can contact us by using the messaging feature on the TRA App as shown below. Please remember to read all the FAQs before submitting a question, messages will be ignored if the answer already exists in the FAQs <image link> If you would like to contact us in person, come along to one of our pre-match venues, usually announced before each game and say hello.
  • Does my TRA membership from last season count for this season too?
    If you bought a TRA membership after or on the 01/05/22 then you do not need to buy another membership for the 2022/23 season and you should be able to log into the TRA App.
  • What exactly does the <18 checkbox do when I sign up for TRA?
    If you are under 18 years of age then TRA membership is free, if this is the case then check the <18 checkbox and you will be allowed to join without paying the £5 membership fee. If you did this by mistake then you can let us know by using the messaging system on the App and we will reset your account. Please note, we regularly check whether members who have check the <18 box are actually under 18 and if not then your account will be reset & you must pay the membership fee to login.
  • The App says 2021/22 season - why?
    It will be updated soon, you can renew/join TRA now & it will actually be for the 2022/23 season
  • How can I update my membership details?
    If the membership details you have entered onto TRA do not match those on your official MUFC membership, the Club will not allow you to apply for match tickets in TRA. To update your membership details, open the main menu tab on the TRA App and select 'account'.
  • Why is Filming banned in TRA?
    Filming has been banned in TRA areas since its inception in 2017. Filming inside a football ground is the antithesis of what TRA stand for, if you want to film yourself, your mates or the players then do not apply for TRA, you will not be welcome as the vast majority of our members find the idea of filming at a football match highly offensive. Please respect the wishes of other TRA members and keep your phone away at all times.
  • Can I bring my flag into SERS
    Yes. The Club have finally agreed to TRA's request for an increase from the size of 2x1m to 3x3m flags that can be allowed into Old Trafford through the turnstiles on match-days. This means that providing your flag adheres to the rules outlined below, you may bring a flag up to 3x3m into the stadium through the turnstiles without having to first contact the Club. This makes Old Trafford the only stadium in Britain which allows flags of this size (all others set a limit of 2x1m) in through the turnstiles on match-day. This is a stadium wide change to existing ground regulations. Please note, all flags will be subject to a search & checks before being allowed entry. Club rules regarding flags Flags must not contain offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, illegal, commercial or political messaging / imagery. Flags must have a current fire safety certification attached and have a relevant fire compliance reference number
  • Is there an age limit for TRA areas?
    TRA have set a lower age limit of 8 provided that children attend with a responsible adult due to the high likelihood of explicit language, aggressive nature of chants and often close physical proximity inside TRA areas. This season, all adults who wish to bring children aged under the age of 11 into TRA will be positioned together on one of the front rows of SERS. This is to ensure that children have an unobstructed view and to allow other members to enjoy being in TRA without having to worry about accidentally injuring a young child. If you are intending to attend with a child under the age of 11 please let us know using this link <>
  • How many seats are in the TRA section & where is it?
    TRA are currently located in blocks W206-W212 in the Stretford End right-side (SERS). Our allocation is 3800 seats.
  • How do I get involved in Flags displays, Tifos etc?
    If you'd like to be more involved with the hands-on side of TRA including sorting flags, displays, organising events, marches etc. then contact us using the 'SUGGESTIONS / FEEDBACK' message on the TRA App.
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