Financial situation as of 12/02/20

(all figures approximate)


Breakdown of costs incurred so far during season 2019/20

Software / forum / website: £2700

SMS: £4200

Visuals (flags, leaflets, stickers): £1500

Legal (documentation & representation): £150

Merchandise: £150

TRA event: £1000

Total costs so far: £9700

Charity / Community donation: £6000

Balance: £5000

Membership Fee

Introducing a membership fee was the fairest method of financing TRA as it is unreasonable to expect a minority to be effectively supporting the majority of TRA members through donations.

Who should pay

A TRA membership fee is free for under 18s and £5 for all other members

TRA are making every effort to provide special consideration for young fans and we want to encourage them to be the next generation of Reds who inherit a loud and vibrant Old Trafford. This is why we believe under 18s should not have to pay a TRA membership fee.

Surplus funds

At the end of each season we intend to publish the current balance and spend. In addition, any surplus will be considered for use in other areas and all paid up TRA members will be able to vote on how this money is used.


Our members have recently voted to donate £6000 to local 3 charities and a local kids' sports club.

Survey Results

We asked all TRA members to provide feedback to us on whether they would be comfortable paying a membership fee to help with running costs, these are the results:


765                                      Total number of responses

737 (96%)                            Number of TRA members in favour of a membership fee

28 (4%)                                Number of TRA members against a membership fee

£20 (244 times)                 Most common suggested membership fee 

£2                                         Lowest suggested membership fee

£120                                    Highest suggested membership fee